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    Access Control Systems

    Access control is a system which is designed for access guarding to prevent entrance of unauthorized persons to office premises and utility rooms of a building, as well as to regulate customer flow in display areas and entrance/exit aisles. It is recommended to install access control systems for such office and manufacturing premises as warehouses, accounting departments, checkout counters, security rooms, executive offices and manufacturing workshops.

    EAS Service supplies and installs various types of turnstiles, gates, door holders, readers, magnetic stripe cards and access controllers.

    Depending on the customer's needs and requirements, the access control systems have different features and benefits suited for different organizations. Complex access control systems provide the following options:

    Storage of data related to employees' location on a PC's hard disk;
    Recording employees' working hours;
    Controlling employee's access in the building;
    Keeping detailed statistics on employees' location;
    Integration with EAS, ССTV and other security systems;

    Operating principle
    Each employee gets a magnetic stripe card with relevant encoded information that is determined by his or her official duties and powers. Special readers and electronic locks are mounted on doors of building premises. The magnetic access control card reader reads information from a card's magnetic stripe, transmitting it to the access control unit. Access is then either granted or denied according to the level of access right. We provide a variety of PC based complex solutions that offer the latest features including real-time data management, reports, email alerts, security groups, time zones and more.
    The Access Control System allows to generate reports to see which individuals went where within the building, and also reports the time these events happened. It is also possible to keep detailed statistics on employees' location. The system can be integrated with various EAS systems, CCTV systems, public-address systems and other security systems.

    Access Control Systems

    Components of our Access Control System:
    access controllers
    magnetic stripe cards
    access locks
    door holders.

    Advantages of our Access Control System:
    The system does not require additional space for installation;
    The system operates on a stand-alone basis and allows to save access modes and operating hours in the access controller's memory;

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