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    EAS Anti-Theft Equipment

    EAS equipment: Radio-frequency technology (RF technology). EAS equipment: Electromagnetic technology (EM). EAS equipment: Acousto-Magnetic Technology (AM).
    Противокражная система Противокражная система Противокражная система
    Features of RF anti-shoplifting systems:
    A good detection rate at affordable price.
    A large selection of consumables as compared to systems utilizing other technologies, so that such security systems can protect against theft a wider selection of goods.
    Features of EM anti-shoplifting systems:
    A high and stable detection rate at shops equipped with metal shopping trolleys. It is possible to affix labels on foiled and metallised surfaces. The use of “invisible” labels.
    Features of AM anti-shoplifting systems:
    High interference immunity.
    Ideal for protection of the widest exits.
    Provides a high level of label detection - more than 95%.

    EAS Service has been operating at the retail loss prevention market since 1996.

    Today EAS Service is the leading supplier and integrator of complex retail security systems.
    Many years’ experience is indeed a solid guarantee of prompt delivery, quality installation and maintenance of anti-shoplifting systems.

    We co-operate with the following leading suppliers of EAS devices all over the world: Lucatron, Certus, On-Time, Daresco, Alert Metalguard, Optiguard, Duonell, WG.

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