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EM EAS system Certus Plexi V TF
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    EM EAS system Certus Plexi V TF

    • Not sensitive to Russian paper money.
    • A high and stable detection rate in shops equipped with metal shopping carts.
    • Excellent detection range (up to 1.6 m between dual antennas)
    • The digital signal processing eliminates false triggering.
    • The built-in Ethernet interface allows to carry out remote configuration and to provide an option of receiving equipment statistical data.
    • An efficient design solution made of transparent plastics for effective anti-theft protection.
    •  Light weight.
    • Electronic screening tool.
      Optional switchover of security tag detection at one side of the dual antennas makes it possible to arrange shelves containing secured items in the immediate vicinity of the security system.

    Receiver technology: Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    Power supply: 220 W/ 50 Hz, wireless remote electronics
    Power consumption: 70-140 W
    Material: plastics

    Overall dimensions:
    Height – 1490 mm
    Width – 815 mm
    Thickness - 50 mm

    Operating distance:
    Up to 1.6 m with a 63 mm label

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