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    Metal Detectors

    AlertMetalGuard, the No. 1 cutting-edge solution worldwide for detection of foil-lined bags or foil-lined clothing now commonly used by the smartest often professional shoplifters in order to avoid detection in the ordinary anti-shoplifting systems.

    Nowadays professional shoplifters know that security tags hidden in simple tinfoil-lined bags or foil-lined clothing are virtually undetectable by conventional security systems.

    фольгированные сумки
    We should not underestimate thieves using such fancy devices because most booster-bag shoplifters are professionals stealing high-priced items for resale, and they can cause considerable damage to any retail business. The only way to fight with these people is to install a security system for their detection, such as AlertMetalGuard. Transparent antenna frames of metal detectors are to be installed near anti-shoplifting security systems, so that they do not require lying additional cables.

    Metal Detectors

    Antennas of 12 cm with operating distance from 1.4 m up to 1.7 m
    Antennas of 18 cm with operating distance from 1.7 m up to 2.1 m

    AlertMetalGuard is compatible with radio-frequency, acousto-magnetic and electromagnetic EAS systems produced by any manufacturer.

    In order to keep a calm atmosphere in a shop and to avoid mistakes, it is preferable to use optical alarm or paging (public address) security systems instead of sound alarm. After receiving an alert signal by pager or light flash, a guard will be able to give the highest priority to a suspicious visitor.

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