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Complex Integrated Security Solutions
Complex Integrated Security Solutions
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Complex Integrated Security Solutions
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Complex Integrated Security Solutions

Complex Integrated Security Systems and Solutions

Complex Integrated Security Solutions

EAS Service provides complex security and loss prevention solutions that effectively protect retail stores.

Complex Security System consists of:

The main link between all components of the complex security system is the CCTV system. All components are controlled by interface that provides interactive monitoring of all areas within secured facilities. Current status of all security system components is reflected on the CCTV interface board.

Each component of the complex security system closely interacts with one another but, nevertheless, can operate in a stand-alone mode and does not depend on working capacity of any other component.

The reliability of this complex security solution is based on the three-level password structure which is also the basis for operators registration system. The latter provides recording of all operations performed by system user. User identification is available regardless of logon location.

The complex security system can be operating on standby battery power that is when building power loss occurs, the system keeps operating.

Operating principle of integrated complex security systems:

Anti-theft security systems:

In case of anti-theft security system activation (e.g. antenna frames installed at entrance/exit gates, or at cash register aisles), the site in question is immediately reflected on observation monitor and security officer can carefully observe the object that activated the security system via dome cameras. Video data fixing the fact of theft is recorded in the associated archive of CCTV system. Integration of such systems is extensively applicable in hypermarkets with a lot of cash register aisles and in shopping malls with many stores inside.

Advantages of integrated anti-theft systems:

Providing prompt attention to unauthorized taking of unpaid goods. Security officers do not waste their time on finding the right camera monitoring the area in question and turning it directly towards the suspicious individuals.
Video data fixing facts of unlawful conduct are reliably recorded in archives of CCTV system.

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Cash Flow Control System:

Integration with cash flow control system involves matching of receipt data with information derived from cash operating unit in the form of text information on video image of that cash operating unit. All such images could be viewed on monitors in real-time mode and also recorded in the associated archive. Flexible filtering technology (date, number of cash operating unit, product features, product price, cashier, etc.) simplifies the practical use of the system archive.

Advantages of integrated cash flow control systems:

prevention of financial machinations with credit and discount cards;
mishandling of cash by a cashier while giving change;
prevention of unlawful conduct on the part of a cashier when he/she does not issue a receipt, or does not include some goods in a receipt, or changes a number of goods which should be included in a receipt in his/her favour;
prevention of bar-code substitution.

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Access Monitoring and Control System (AMCS):

Integrated access monitoring and control system allows to monitor building premises and give a quick response to accidents happening under the security system.

Advantages of integrated access monitoring and control systems:

The option to organize access control process comparing the faces of individuals who are trying to pass through the security system with photos on their pass cards.
Monitoring of unauthorized penetration into a secured area via close-circuit video cameras.
Recording of time attendance of employees.

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Fire and Security Alarm System and Automatic Fire Extinguishing System:

Advantages of integrated fire and security alarm system:

The option to organize access control process comparing the faces of individuals who are trying to pass through the security system with photos on their pass cards.
Monitoring of sensor activation via cameras located in those areas where the triggering happened. In other words, you can immediately find out individuals who are responsible for the system activation or to make sure that it was a false triggering.
After the possibility of false triggering was eliminated, security system operator acknowledges the system activation.
Control over reasons and validity of manual fire alarm activation and, thus, it is possible to eliminate the possibility of sabotage.
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